domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

Nothing a good bottle of wine can't fix

Following up on My B-day post (please keep commenting on other articles) I can now reveal the birthday present from A. It was something thrilling, truly spectacular: She got two tickets for Depeche Mode!! (In a European city not to be disclosed here.)

I know I already talked about my idol, most inspiring figure and my guru, Keith Richards. But hey, what kind of people are not fans of the Stones? My truly biggest band ever, ever, is of course Depeche Mode. There's something dark, depressive and twisted about Depeche Mode. Their lyrics are poetic and gloomy, and their Dark-Lord and glamorous image blends in perfectly with music and lyrics, creating an electryfying atmosphere. Each song is deep. Even disturbing. But above all, after you descend into the utterly grim mood of their music, there's something incredibly powerfulm sunny and uplifting.

I cherish each one of their albums, and all of them are reminiscent not only of my teenage years, but also of different stages of my adulthood. Getting tickets for them on my 32nd b-day was a really thoughtful present. Today I listen to classics like Policy of Truth (a song about homosexuality) and I can see myself on the grey streets of Santiago in autumn, going to school, with my 'personal stereo', as we used to call them in Chile back in those years. The introspective songs are not quite everyone's cup of tea, but they do touch so many souls ith their sounds and lyrics, and have done so for so long.

My first trip to Paris was to see Dave Gahan, Depeche Mode lead singer, in his solo tour, and it was with A. We went to his gig at the Olympia, back in 2003. We were starting our relationship and it was a truly wonderful memory. We saw them again in Manchester a few years later, actually again on my very birthday. I tried to get them so sing Hapy Birthday but, astonishingly, I didn't suceed. Now the band is touring and we're going to see them...again!

Some have criticised me for writing about personal stuff in this blog. I have written personal posts and I will keep doing so in the future. Take it this way: see it for yourself now that I'm not demented, and no, I don't need a shrink, I'm a normal type of guy. So no, I don't enjoy killing babies, and if you think I'm part of the 'culture of death' then it's probably you the one who need a lot of therapy.

I could really go on and on about DM, but I reckon it's plenty for now. I invite you all to watch their latest video, 'Wrong'. My reaction to watching now this clip was: OK, things are wrong, but nothing a good bottle of wine can't fix. Incidentally, I am at this very moment having a few glasses of French wine.

I was born with the wrong sign
In the wrong house
With the wrong ascendancy
I took the wrong road
That led to the wrong tendencies
I was in the wrong place at the wrong time
For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme
On the wrong day of the wrong week
I used the wrong method with the wrong technique

Wrong, wrong

There's something wrong with me chemically
Something wrong with me inherently
The wrong mix in the wrong genes
I reached the wrong ends by the wrong means
It was the wrong plan
In the wrong hands
With the wrong theory for the wrong man
The wrong lies, on the wrong vibes
The wrong questions with the wrong replies

Wrong, wrong

I was marching to the wrong drum
With the wrong scum
Pissing out the wrong energy
Using all the wrong lines
And the wrong signs
With the wrong intensity
I was on the wrong page of the wrong book
With the wrong rendition of the wrong hook
Made the wrong move, every wrong night
With the wrong tune played till it sounded right yeah

Wrong, wrong

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