martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

Why Tony Blair should not become EU President

Tony Blair left the British economy in tatters thanks to his total ignorance of economics, which lead to a financial crisis of unprecedented proportions, and planted a time bomb by neglecting pension funds. Present and future are messed up because of the former Cool Britania primer minister. Politically speaking, he lead his country to a pointless war in Iraq by resorting to lies. Himself urged to stop a probe into corrpution allegations, once it emerged that British company BAE Systems was selling weapons to Osama Bin-Laden's country of birth, Saudi Arabia. His sycophantic friendhsip with George W Bush was not only a disgrace, but turned him into a divise figure in Europe. Finally, as special envoy to the Middle East, Blair was a nonentity.
The EU needs a structure and organisation fit for the challenges of the 21st century, and one of the goals now is to have an executive power capable of turning the disfunctional common market into a powerful force in the new world order. The prospective candidate for this new post must be a European heavyweight, not a failed politician.
The EU president should be someone who stops the traffic when visiting any city. Some proposed Carl Bildt, former Swedish Primer Minister, but when Mr Bild likened Russian invasion to Georgia with Nazi invasion of Poland, he showed he can also act like a moron. Actually, there's not an awful lot of candidates, so the task of finding the right EU president is dauntingly difficult.
A former primer minister of a any of the respectable Nordic nations would fit in nicely, but they cannot lead the EU internationally because none of them would stop the traffic. There are some other candidates, check them out here. Bertie Ahren, former Irish Taoiseach, is as infamous as Blair, for the deep recession Ireland is enduring. Aznar's friendhip with Bush also cost him dearly with the Spanish voters. Jean-Claude Juncker and Aleksander Kwasniewski don't tick the 'traffic stopping' box. Apart from that, nothing.
Tony Blair, admitedly, was charismatic. But even people who think he's nice know very well he's also full of shit. The eurosceptic UK doesn't need now their less popular primer minister presiding over the EU. Even considering Blair's personality, Barack Obama has set the gold standard: the first black president is clever, exudes brilliance and eloquence. Compared against Obama, you realise Tony Blair doesn't have substance, let alone style.
It is preferable to have a low-profile EU President than a controversial one. Europeans should find someone who can shine in the international arena, but maybe later. For now, a smart and conciliatory one would do. At least someone popular in his/her own country. Anyone but Tony Blair.

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